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The Pre-College Experience

University of Vermont Professional and Continuing Education

College prep can start well before a high school student starts filling out their first college applications. This is especially true for students who would like to experience college first-hand and alleviate some of anxiety they may have about school.

The University of Vermont's Pre-College courses and Summer Academy Programs are designed to help students earn credits toward college, complete high school requirements, take a course that isn’t available at their high school, or showcase their talent and ambition to college recruiters.

Part of what makes a pre-college experience so unique is that it can ultimately help a high school student make better and more informed decisions around their education before they even apply to college.

In the Pre-College Experience at UVM Podcast, students share their experiences in the college-level courses and the reasons why they choose to take a course while still in high school.

UVM offers more than 100 courses to high school students, both on campus and online. Summer Academy is a 4-week intensive hybrid course for students interested in a specific area of study.

Learn more about the University of Vermont's Pre-College and Summer Academy programs: